Thursday, September 16, 2010

Events at the Denver annual conference - part 1 - Wednesday

Another post will follow on the core conference sessions, but for now this is a summary of Wednesday's events that might be of interest.

Morning: Three seminars look like they will be specifically of relevance to technical translators, depending on your field and language.
The first one session is language neutral, and it's mine. If you're not sure whether this would be useful for you, just ask and I'll give you more information.

Seminar C
From Soap to Drugs and Back, via Quality Assurance and Standard Operating Procedures
Karen M. Tkaczyk, PhD, CT

This second one looks great if you work with Portuguese.
Seminar D
Nuts and Bolts: A Visit from the Entrance Gate to the Dispatch Dock of an Industrial Plant
Paulo Lopes

The third one is in Spanish will be relevant to tech translators who work with biotech and medical devices.
Seminar G
Biomedical Translation Seminar
Damián Vázquez

Afternoon: Tour of the National Institute for Standards and Technology, NIST
We have arranged a site tour of the Boulder laboratory from 2-4pm. We have asked for a few specific labs to visit, which are as follows, though that won't be finalized until shortly beforehand. There is a list of 20 or so interesting labs to choose from, should any of these be unavailable that day.
Atomic clock
Detecting explosives
Clean rooms and quantum devices
Hydrogen pipeline testing

Evening: Division Open House 7-8pm
We will be at the Science and Technology division area during this reception to answer any questions. Desserts and coffee will be provided free of charge by ATA.