Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SciTech ATA webinar for patent translators

Division member Bruce Popp is giving a webinar for patent translators on March 22 through ATA. For more information and to register, please follow this link: ATA Webinar 107 Patents.

Here is the abstract:

To be patentable, an invention must be new. A frequent consequence of this is that the terminology used in a patent application that needs to be translated may also be new and poorly covered in secondary terminology resources such as online terminology databases, glossaries and dictionaries. Faced with this situation, a patent translator may need to identify and use primary sources and do their own research to align terminology in the source and target languages.

This webinar discusses some techniques for searching primary sources for subject matter terminology needed when translating patent applications. Related patents originally drafted in the target language are particularly valuable primary sources. I will discuss bibliographic techniques for finding them. I will also cover techniques for dealing with chemical compound names and names of mechanical parts.

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