Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Note from the Administrator

As you know, teams called Leadership Councils run ATA divisions. It’s time for the Science and Technology division to renew ours for 2013. This council will run March-November 2013. By making the period less than one year we will be coordinated with annual conferences and administrator changeovers from then on.

Two people are leaving as we do this: Vincent Lai and Steven Marzuola. We thank them for what they have done for the division, especially Steve, who was so involved in getting it up and running again in 2010. We have one new council member, Amy Lesiewicz, whom a lot of us met in San Diego. Amy will be blog editor so you will hear more from her here soon.

Some other people have moved roles—the summary is below. If any of you reading would like to become involved, please drop me a note and we can chat about it. We would particularly like to hear from anyone who might want to help plan a division dinner in San Antonio.


Karen Tkaczyk: DA, HQ communications, Twitter feed, conference prep, miscellaneous.

Matthew Schlecht: ADA, and working on the Yahoo group.

Nick Hartmann: general counsel

Tess Whitty: blog editor and LinkedIn admin

Lebzy Gonzalez: monthly website news update, website admin

Alicja Yarborough: help conference dinner planner

Susanna Weerth: blog articles

Stephanie Strobel: site tours

Amy Lesiewicz: blog editor, help with local knowledge for San Antonio.

Petra Schweitzer: Facebook and Yahoo group admin

Iryna Ashby: Webmaster and Facebook admin

If you ever have any ideas for improving divisions services, please let any member of the council know.


Karen Tkaczyk
2011-2013 Science and Technology Division Administrator

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