Friday, May 24, 2013

Resources for scientific and technical translators

Débora C. de D’Eramo, an English>Spanish translator, has kindly agreed to share her excellent resources for technical and scientific translations. These contain links to online terminology databases, glossaries, dictionaries and more and are listed below.

Terminology databases

AGROVOC – FAO multilingual terminology database (+30,000 terms in 22 languages)

The CIMAC Lexicon - Multilingual lexicon of technical terms used in the internal combustion engine and gas turbine industries

Electropedia - Multilingual electrical and electronical terminology database (+20,000 terms)


Glosario de términos estadísticos en inglés y español

Multilingual glossary on nanotechnologies – EU

ATSDR (bilingual EN-ES site) – Glossary of environmental health terms

Dictionaries & Thesaurus

Biology Online Dictionary (EN monolingual) – Editable dictionary with +60,000 entries

Glosario hablado de términos genéticos – NHGRI (Spanish)

Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body (English, with illustrations)


TinEye, reverse image search tool

Débora C. de D’Eramo is an English>Spanish translation specialist with a freelance practice focused on life science, technology and business. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field and has worked on pharmaceuticals, health care and scientific projects. You can find her at her website, or follow her on Twitter (@AccuWordsTrans). Contact: dc.deramo(at) 

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