Monday, June 10, 2013

More resources for technical and scientific translators

Débora C. de D’Eramo, an English>Spanish translator, has a whole treasure chest of great resources for technical and scientific translators. Our first post with links to online terminology databases, glossaries, dictionaries was posted a few weeks ago, and here is a second batch of resources. 

Terminology databases

METEOTERM, multilingual (EN, AR, CH, FR, RU, ES) database of weather and climate specialized terminology – WMO (World Meteorological Organization)

ML Lexicon, multilingual database of forensic science terms - European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI)

TEPA, The Finnish Terminology Centre TSK's term bank (FI, SV, EN)


Glossary of astronomical terms (EN monolingual)

Glossary of biotechnology terms (bilingual site, EN/FR) – Government of Canada BioPortal

Glossary of wind energy terms (EN, DE, ES, FR, DA) – Danish Wind Industry Association

Dictionaries & Thesauri

Automotive & Equipment dictionary (EN, ES, PT)

EnDic, Environmental Dictionary (DE, EN, ET, FI, FR, LT, LV, NL, SV, LA, RU) – Finnish 
Meteorological Institute

Illustrated Professional Dictionary of Horology (FR, DE, EN, ES) – Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry


Guidelines on style for scientific writing

Débora C. de D’Eramo is an English>Spanish translation specialist with a freelance practice focused on life science, technology and business. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field and has worked on pharmaceuticals, health care and scientific projects. You can find her at her website, or follow her on Twitter (@AccuWordsTrans). Contact: dc.deramo(at)

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