Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ATA54 Session Preview: Going All-In

Christos Floros will be presenting Going "All-In" (ST-9, Saturday 2:30pm-3:30pm). The brief description from the conference website reads:

The increased demand for online gambling products in many languages has opened a very lucrative market for translators. This session will focus on some techniques for translating terminology related to gambling. Attendees will be given an overview of the various casino games and types of sports betting, tips on tackling jargon, as well as leads on where to find potential clients.

Christos notes on his presentation:
“When introducing myself to colleagues at past ATA conferences, everyone was a bit baffled when I mentioned that I translate gambling content texts. Most translators have mixed emotions about this field: they either believe it’s too simple (it’s not) or too difficult (it’s not, if you have the right experience). I guess this presentation is the ideal opportunity for me to show that gambling translation is not as strange or difficult as my fellow translators believe.

My audience is the technical translator who is curious about this translation field. I will try to explain what gambling translation is about, why it is a good idea for translators to break into this market (the global casino and betting industry has a net worth of over $125 billion) and how they can do so. In the process, I will offer examples on jargon and terminology and answer questions on gambling and/or translating gambling texts. The topic is very wide anyway, so I won’t be able to cover everything in an hour, but I’ll be glad if the attendees have a more positive opinion about the gambling translation market and hopefully I might even convince a few of them to pursue this specialization.”

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