Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ATA54 Division Meeting Minutes

The 54th annual conference was a great success, with a strong offering of sessions in the Science and Technology track. In the coming weeks, we plan to post reviews of sessions here for those who were unable to attend. We hope to see all our readers next November in Chicago!

Below are the minutes from our division annual meeting:

American Translators Association
Science and Technology Division
Annual Meeting
Friday, November 8, 2013
San Antonio, Texas, USA (Marriott Rivercenter, Salon A)

Division Administrator Karen Tkaczyk called the meeting to order at 12:37 pm.
The agenda was presented. There were no objections to the agenda; it was accepted.

Karen Tkaczyk thanked the nominating committee, Abigail Dahlberg and Salvador Virgen, for their work in searching for and contacting potential nominees for the post of division administrator and assistant administrator. The nominating committee selected Karen Tkaczyk, who ran for a second term as administrator, and Alicja Yarborough, who ran for the post of assistant administrator. Both candidates were accepted in uncontested elections and will serve for two years.

The members of the leadership council were introduced:
Matthew Schlecht (outgoing assistant administrator)
Stephanie Delozier Strobel (event coordinator)
Tess Whitty (blog editor)
Amy Lesiewicz (blog editor)
Nicholas Hartmann
Iryna Ashby (webmaster)
Petra Schweitzer
Lebzy Gonzalez
Susanna Weerth

The leadership council members serve for a term of one year. Karen Tkaczyk will soon contact current leadership council members, asking them to continue serving in their current positions; and potential members, inviting them to join the leadership council. She invited anyone interested to contact any member of the leadership council.

Division members were invited to submit content to the division blog. Posts may be new or republished content on any topic that may be of interest to division members or readers of the division blog. There are no submission deadlines or restrictions or requirements involving word count. The blog editors will be happy to suggest editorial changes, but the author will be given last say and nothing will be published without the author’s consent. Non-native speakers of English are invited to submit content as well; we will provide editing by native English speakers, and we appreciate how different perspectives can enrich our blog. We will be happy to include a brief bio on the author and a link to the author’s website, LinkedIn profile, or other appropriate site. Each post is viewed approximately 100–650 times, and the blog receives over 1,500 views per month. Please email submissions or questions to blog editor Amy Lesiewicz (

In other activity, the division website is updated every month and is a hub for all division matters. There are links to the Yahoo group (division listserv), Facebook group, LinkedIn group, Twitter (@ATASciTech), and the ATA home page.

Division members are invited to submit proposals for webinars with a SciTech focus. Any webinar sponsored by the ATA should be able to attract an audience of 20 attendees or more.

Division members are invited to submit abstracts for sessions at future ATA annual conferences, following the instructions they receive by email from ATA Headquarters when the window for submitting proposals opens, and also to suggest topics of interest and to suggest potential speakers to any member of the leadership council or in the division’s online networking areas. The ATA can offer to defray travel expenses for division distinguished speakers; it was noted while speakers from outside the United States are good candidates, divisions are reminded that there is a vast pool of talent within the United States and that foreign travel stretches the conference budget. The 55th annual conference will be in Chicago, IL in November 2014, so speakers who live near the Chicago area are especially welcome. A Chicago-based member said he had contacts in Mechanical Engineering that we may be able to tap into for ATA55. Another member present suggested that he would welcome sessions related to nanotechnology.

The floor was yielded to open discussion. Amy Lesiewicz proposed a potential opportunity to approach the American Chemical Society: in their October 28 edition of the Chemical and Engineering News (the ACS weekly news publication), there was a one-page article on the ACS International Activities Division and their attempts to promote international collaboration among chemists. The article mentions language barriers as one of the obstacles they have faced and provided an email address to send suggestions or information. Amy Lesiewicz stated that she plans to approach the ACS as an individual; any members who would like to collaborate and approach the ACS as a group or team are welcome to contact her ( Fellow chemists and ACS members Matthew Schlecht and Karen Tkaczyk remarked that they had previously written a letter to the editor of the Chemical and Engineering News about chemist–translators and the letter was published.

Attendees then introduced themselves, stating their language pairs and areas of specialization. Attendees were invited to continue discussion over lunch at the neighboring Rivercenter (shopping mall) food court. The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Minutes written by Amy Lesiewicz and approved by Alicja Yarborough and Karen Tkaczyk
Issued November 11, 2013

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