Monday, November 24, 2014


 Friday, November 7, 2014

Division Administrator Karen Tkaczyk called the meeting to order and introduced the agenda. The agenda was accepted.
Karen then introduced the Leadership Council for the year ending. This included Iryna Ashby (webmaster), who was not present, and Alicja Yarborough (Assistant Administrator), Amy Lesiewicz (blog editor), Stefanie Strobel (event coordinator), Matthew Schlecht (Yahoo group moderator), and Lebzy Gonzalez (website assistant).
Brief reports were given regarding division activity in the past year, with suggestions for the coming year:
  • Website: updated at least monthly; members are invited to add content, such as slides from conference sessions, glossaries and other resources.
  • Twitter: Karen Tkaczyk has been tweeting on behalf of the division; she asked for an assistant tweeter.
  • Webinars: Members are invited to give webinars. Nick Hartmann asked if there were instructions or training on how to give a webinar; Mary David of Member Benefits and Project Development can provide direction.
  • Annual conference: the SciTech Division hosted a wonderful Distinguished Speaker. Recommendations for next year’s Distinguished Speaker should be submitted by the end of January 2015. Thanks to Alicja Yarborough for arranging the division dinner this year.
  • Site tour / event: the Leadership Council welcomes suggestions for site tours or local events for the 2015 conference in Miami, Florida.
Members are invited to volunteer to join the Leadership Council.
The Division Administrator and Assistant Administrator are elected for two-year terms. Karen Tkaczyk will not be running for another term. A Nominating Committee will search for and nominate candidates for elections in 2015. The proposed members of the Nominating Committee are: Abigail Dahlberg, Patricia Thickstun, and Steve Marzuola; they were accepted by acclamation.
Open discussion:
Stephanie Strobel shared a source of free webinars for continuing professional development: Design News (a periodical for engineers) has free webinars, such as an upcoming session on 3D printing. She also described her experience at a trade show about packaging that she attended in Chicago just before the conference for $30, and suggested that we share information on similar educational and networking opportunities with each other in the future.
The meeting was adjourned and all those present were invited to introduce themselves.