Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Voyage to Antarctica: Translating the Environment

Ana Salotti will be presenting “Voyage to Antarctica: Translating the Environment” on Thursday, November 5th 2015, at 11:15am-12:15pm.

Did you know there is an official ocean in the world called the Southern Ocean? This ocean surrounds Antarctica, and is one of the most pristine, delicate and abundant marine environments in the world.

In this session, Ana will focus on the challenges of translating texts on marine conservation in the international and intergovernmental arena, and more specifically on the conservation of the icy ocean that surrounds Antarctica, the Southern Ocean. Attendees will learn about its resources, exploitation, and conservation efforts. 

The session will be built around two main goals: 1) to explain the technicalities that Ana has researched in her translation practice with this type of texts, and 2) to tell attendees about the realities of a translator working for intergovernmental organizations that deal with conservation of the Southern Ocean.

An overview will be given about the history of conservation efforts around the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, as the kickoff point to delve into what an ecosystem-based approach to management means in Antarctica, and why the Antarctic krill is king.

Ana will then briefly outline how the Antarctic ecosystem works, and how its resources are managed on an international scale. A quick guide to the main fishing gear and methods will be given, and technical concepts in marine conservation will be dealt with through the lens of international organizations. Some conservation measures will be exemplified in relation to albatrosses and petrels. 

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